Alpine Art: Spotlight on Charlie Adam

"Cheesy Moment" by Charlie Adam
“Cheesy Moment” by Charlie Adam

Who says goggle tans aren’t chic?

Certainly not Charlie Adam, a Chamonix-based graphic artist who has made a career depicting the carefree joys of alpine living — goggle tans included. Taking inspiration from a ’70s style era where mustachioed ski enthusiasts spun records in A-Frame chalets and lounged in over-sized hot tubs (and, on occasion, turned living rooms into rock-climbing walls), Charlie Adam isn’t one to take his concepts too seriously. The creation of his art, however, is a different story entirely. After humble beginnings in his parents’ garage, Adam has become a “must have” for alpine art enthusiasts around the world, with many popular limited-edition laminates selling out before even ardent fans can get their hands on them. With more dedication to the whimsical world he has created than to widespread fame, Adam doesn’t indicate intentions of a world-wide takeover anytime soon.

Although we expect that world would be a much groovier place.

"Alp Chic" by Charlie Adam
“Alp Chic” by Charlie Adam

Find Charlie Adam: BungalowGraphics.com

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