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The App Every Skier Needs: The Vane Tells You What to Pack for Every Trip

Seem to forget your gloves on every ski trip? This app may save you from the hotel gift shop.

Own a pair of goggles and gloves from every ski shop across the Rockies? You might need The Vane, an app that saves you from creating your own packing list, while offering helpful shopping suggestions for things you might need. (Hotels and airlines can get their own version of the app for customers at sister site Emadri.)

First featured by Travel + Leisure, The Vane is designed for all kinds of jet-setters, from beach seekers to business travelers — but it’s a hack that has proven particularly helpful for gear-laden skiers.

Here’s how it works.

Say if you’re headed to Vail for a week in January:

By entering your dates and selecting “Skiing,” you’ll get a packing list for things you’re likely to need, right down to lift tickets and travel documents. You’ll also get a personalized list of seasonal pieces and daily outfit ideas that you can shop in a click:

We love the practicality and ability to toggle between men’s and women’s recommendations,  but we’re especially enamored with vintage-inspired gems sprinkled throughout, like this Hollywood-era Bogner print base layer:

Find this vintage base layer at TheVane.

We may not need it, but as long as it’s a click away at Harrod’s, we’re not sure we can resist, much like these tapered Thom Browne track pants:

Find these Thom Browne track pants at TheVane

You’ll likely find more than you need on  The Vane’s recommendation list, but if everything about planning a trip this is this easy, we may just need to sneak in an extra one!

Have a travel hack of your own? Let us know at

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