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Meet The World’s Most Socially Minded Ski Resort

Taos Ski Valley is world’s first ski resort to become a certified B Corporation, demonstrating environmental, social and economic conscience

Taos Ski Valley just gave us one more reason to add New Mexico to our spring skiing list.

The resort became the world’s first ski area to earn a Certified B Corporation® (B Corp™) yesterday, demonstrating its commitment to deliberate and thoughtful social, economic and environmental actions.

Certified B Corps are required to meet the highest standards of verified economic, social and environmental performance, and public transparency.

The certification underscores Taos Ski Valley’s investment in the people who live in Northern New Mexico, its commitment to a sustainable economic future, its stewardship of the natural environment, and respect for the visitors who come to experience the area’s beauty and mystique.

The performance standards Taos has met are comprehensive, transparent and verified, and going forward, the resort is both ethically and legally required to consider the impact of its decisions on all their stakeholders, a move the company welcomes.

The certification earned praise from others in the B Corp community, including representatives from Patagonia, New Belgium Brewing and TSV, Inc.

Key initiatives that were critical to Taos Ski Valley’s B Corp certification include its Taos Verde initiative, which is the cornerstone of its environmental efforts; its significant investment in the surrounding community for better economic prosperity for all; and its commitment to fair wages and a positive work environment for all employees.

To help the local community achieve greater economic growth, Taos Ski Valley made a multi-million dollar investment in fiber optics and communications for the benefit of all. Additionally, Taos Ski Valley collaborates with and celebrates the diversity of the local community, which is reflected in its staff. The company provides a $10 per hour minimum wage for even entry-level workers, while the state’s minimum wage is $7.50 per hour. It also adheres to a wage benchmark to ensure employees’ wages are competitive in the industry while providing perks such as free employee transportation that benefit staff and the environment.

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